November 06, 2010

Are Obama and Ricky related?

This post is not about how P Ricky and Dubya are somehow related. Actually Dubya and P Ricky were very different in their attitude to things Indian. Dubya, whatever be his image in the Rest of the World, supported the Indian cause. P Ricky lived up to his name when it came to his relation with India as a cricket playing nation.

Actually it's Dubya successor who has a lot in common with P Ricky.

  • Both are leading what were erstwhile super powers but now on on the wane. 
  •  Both are taking a beating in popularity polls iin their respective countries.
  • While P Ricky has been vociferous about talent being attracted by jobs in India (His view on Oz cricketers playing IPL), his US counterpart cries foul on jobs going to Indian talent.
  • Both are high on rhetoric, low on performance
  •  Both have twerps as deputies.

So actually the photo should be :

Don't they look similar now?