September 09, 2011

Great minds think alike

Our dear Inzy is not interested in cricket any more. After India's performance in England, nor are most Indian fans. Welcome to the club Inzy boy!!

March 31, 2011

The Cup that counts

The cup that counts.. go!!! 1.... 2..... 3.....

December 01, 2010

Get it up Mitch

His Oz team mates are trying to motivate him to get his bowling speed up. Guess this photo can be a morale booster for him to "Get it Up there".

November 06, 2010

Are Obama and Ricky related?

This post is not about how P Ricky and Dubya are somehow related. Actually Dubya and P Ricky were very different in their attitude to things Indian. Dubya, whatever be his image in the Rest of the World, supported the Indian cause. P Ricky lived up to his name when it came to his relation with India as a cricket playing nation.

Actually it's Dubya successor who has a lot in common with P Ricky.

  • Both are leading what were erstwhile super powers but now on on the wane. 
  •  Both are taking a beating in popularity polls iin their respective countries.
  • While P Ricky has been vociferous about talent being attracted by jobs in India (His view on Oz cricketers playing IPL), his US counterpart cries foul on jobs going to Indian talent.
  • Both are high on rhetoric, low on performance
  •  Both have twerps as deputies.

So actually the photo should be :

Don't they look similar now?

September 04, 2010

May 08, 2010

Pulling Team India down

Now that MSD has admitted that Indians aren't natural born pullers, Gary K should seriously consider this exercise for his wards before the match against the Windies tomorrow.

April 27, 2010

Oongli Cricket for Alonso?


It seems Fernando Alonso had been busy playing IDEA Oongli cricket of late just like Viru. Obviously his fingers are hurting a lot.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso has received a ten million euro life insurance from team sponsor Santander, which focuses particularly on the Spaniard's thumbs. The banking group, which joined the Italian team this season to begin a 5-year partnership, announced the policy near Spanish capital city Madrid on Monday morning.

'Fernando Alonso's thumbs are safe,' reads an official press release from the Scuderia, with the insurance policy's total of €10m equating to £8.6m. The press conference was attended by several members of both parties, including Alonso, at the Banco Santander headquarters in Boadilla del Monte.

"Being at risk in my profession made me understand that protection is a fundamental aspect," Fernando began. "I knew that Santander is the best bank in the world but now I have also discovered that they are leaders in insurance, so I could only choose one of the best possible partners in this field."