April 27, 2010

Oongli Cricket for Alonso?


It seems Fernando Alonso had been busy playing IDEA Oongli cricket of late just like Viru. Obviously his fingers are hurting a lot.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso has received a ten million euro life insurance from team sponsor Santander, which focuses particularly on the Spaniard's thumbs. The banking group, which joined the Italian team this season to begin a 5-year partnership, announced the policy near Spanish capital city Madrid on Monday morning.

'Fernando Alonso's thumbs are safe,' reads an official press release from the Scuderia, with the insurance policy's total of €10m equating to £8.6m. The press conference was attended by several members of both parties, including Alonso, at the Banco Santander headquarters in Boadilla del Monte.

"Being at risk in my profession made me understand that protection is a fundamental aspect," Fernando began. "I knew that Santander is the best bank in the world but now I have also discovered that they are leaders in insurance, so I could only choose one of the best possible partners in this field."

April 14, 2010

Stu (art/pid? ) Broad

And one always thought that Indian politicians were the most shameless and arrogant people in this world. One harbours such thoughts no more.

April 05, 2010

Shoaib can count upto Ten

What was Shoaib saying to the media outside Sania's house?
  1.  I can afford to buy 10 such Armani T-shirts now.
  2. They say I may have to spend 10 years RI for cheating.
  3. We have 10 suits (filed against us) and one T-shirt
  4. Armani is paying me 10MM to not wear their brand
  5. We are getting married on the 14th. Count my fingers if you can't hear me.